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Introduction to 911Stroke

The most exciting thing I have seen during my career in medicine is the treatment that is now available to reverse strokes, making it possible for paralyzed and speechless people to return to normal lives.

I have been practicing neurology since 1980, and when stroke reversal treatment became available in the mid-1990s, it changed my professional life.

The excitement spilled over to the homefront as I began to tell my ophthalmologist husband, Rob, stories about dramatic stroke reversals and the amazing stroke team at Saint Luke’s Hospital in Kansas City where I work.

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Our hope is that you will find the stories interesting and informative and that they will inspire you to learn the symptoms of stroke and how to get to the right place at the right time in case you or somebody around you is affected by a stroke.
Marilyn M. Rymer, MD. (Saint Luke’s Hospital, Mid America Brain and Stroke Institute, Kansas City, Missouri)

The Introduction captured my attention: in a few short pages the authors outline the issues and the current state of stroke management for the population at risk for having a stroke.

Charles B. Wilson M.D., DSc, MSHA

As a former journalist, I know a great story when I read one. Today, as a biotechnology executive, I know heroic medicine when I see it. This book is overflowing with both. Week in and week out, Marilyn Rymer and the stroke team at St. Luke’s prove that rapid response saves lives and preserves function in stroke patients.

Thomas Petzinger Jr.

This is a book of true stories about ordinary people - people who didn't know much about strokes until they experienced one. They got to the right place at the right time and received stroke reversal treatment that got them back to living normal lives.


Some people see me as a stroke victim, but I'm a stroke survivor ! For those people who have high cholesterol or heart problems, see your physician and take care of those problems because stroke can get you at any time.

Heather Williams

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